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In here, you will find scientific and/or technical reports of past R&D activities of CONNOTECH.

For results-oriented software development, you may look at our Developer's Tips page.

PEKE (Probabilistic Encryption Key Exchange)

PEKE, Probabilistic Encryption Key Exchange, 10 Years Later, Including the PEKEv1.25 Specifications (a .pdf document)

Obsolete documents for PEKE

Mathematical Acceleration for Public Key Cryptography Implementation

Small overview document (**)

Software acceleration of public key cryptography

Hardware acceleration of public key cryptography (**)

Announcing the end of "RSA chips!"

PRNG, Pseudo-Random Number Generation

Small overview document

The BBS (Blum Blum & Shub) generator, a “number-theoretic perfect” gnerator

MT-GFSR, (“Multiplexed and Twisted” Generalized Feedback Shift Register generator) (a class of huge period generators) (**)

Facsimile Security

General interest document about fax security

Obsolete documents on payment by fax and secure fax technology

Frogbit (encryption and data integrity in a stream-cipher arrangement)

We made a contribution to eSTREAM, the ECRYPT Stream Cipher Project:

            frogbit-facts.pdf          A facts sheet document about the proposal


            frogbit.pdf      The major document about the core Frogbit cipher


            mtgfsr.pdf       A specifications document for an important pseudo-random method used in the Frogbit cipher submission (on page 6, please read W=120 to W-128)


            frogbit.c          A self-contained Frogbit challenge program


            frogbit-test-vectors.txt            A test vector file


            ecrypt-frogbit.c           The Frogbit cipher reference source code, core Frogbit algorithm


            ecrypt-frogbit-prng.c              The Frogbit cipher reference source code, MTGFSR portion


            ecrypt-frogbit-prng.h              Header file for the above file


            ecrypt-sync-ae.h         Header file from the ECRYPT API, modified for the Frogbit cipher


            makefile          minimalistic makefile for the Frogbit cipher reference source code


Older stuff on the same topic: FAQ, Overview


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