(Secret Authentication Key Establishment Method)

CONNOTECH publishes here unique information about SAKEM (Secret Authentication Key Establishment Method) ...

A White Paper


  ●         Pre-Shared Secret Authentication Challenges, a Survey and the SAKEM Proposal (the SAKEM White Paper) (a .pdf document also available in html).

Current Documents


  ●         A scope defining document, written as a technical periodical article for the IT security experts: An Information Security Framework Addressing the Initial Cryptographic Key Authentication Challenges (a .pdf document).


  ●         The SAKEM patent text is available on-line: Initial Secret Key Establishment Including Facilities for Verification of Identity, Patent Cooperation Treaty, PCT International application number 9852316A1


  ●         We invite interested parties to contact us about current developments surrounding the SAKEM procedure.

SAKEM requires some server-side cryptographic function. They are preferably done in a dedicated Host Security Module (HSM).


  ●         A detailed security architecture document, The SAKEM/WIRC Key Management System Design.


  ●         A public domain document. Server-side Public Key Cryptography Apparatus with Private Key Protection and Isolation from Public Networks, Canadian patent application number 2,271,178, filed on May 6, 1999, laid-open date: July 6th, 1999. This is a preventive publication document with the internal name Watertight Internet Registration Cofferdam.

SAKEM makes the internal use of a public key encryption primitive for initial secret key protection,


  ●         such as RSA, authenticated Diffie-Hellman (DH) or Probabilistic Encryption Key Exchange (PEKE).

Older documents, pre-dating the collapse of the .com economy


Note:   The SAKEM procedure was invented before the collapse of the .com economy and the end of the open PKI vision (which was fueled by the huge inflow of capital in the IT businesses, with little attention paid to return on technology investment). The older documents may have more noise than necessary.


  ●         A Frequently Asked Question document about SAKEM.


  ●         Are you designing a security scheme where client authentication is important? Make sure your scheme is secure from the outset by reading more about SAKEM Benefits for Secure Application Design.


  ●         Are you looking at the technology-intensive PKI (“Public Key Infrastructure”) model? Here is an attractive alternative to the PKI model.


  ●         Worried about patent uncertainties? Then you may check out our patent publications portfolio.

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