The PPCMB/850 Development Toolkit,

Including the ABCD Proto-Kernel™

For embedded systems development, the PPCMB/850 development toolkit is a complete solution, including the free software ABCD Proto-Kernel™:

What is an embedded system?

What is a kernel?


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A powerful 32 bits embedded microprocessor with a rich set of integrated peripherals, including DMA communications support:

the PPCMB/850 piggyback processor module features the Motorola MPC850, an embedded PowerPC rated at 80 MIPs.

A memory subsystem with flash and RAM:

the PPCMB/850 piggyback processor module comes with 4 MB of flash and 1 MB of RAM.

Integration of system-specific electronics:

design effort focused on application-specific host PCB for the PPCMB/850 piggyback (design your own or ask us for contract designer referrals).

Early validation of design ideas:

instant prototyping solution with the simple host prototyping PCB (950-0003-01) for the PPCMB/850 piggyback.

C/C++ cross-compiler, assembler, linker:

The MPC8xx POMP, a port of the GNU Compiler Collection to the Motorola MPC8xx Processor Family.

Royalty-free kernel or operating system:

The ABCD Proto-Kernel™ is both simple and complete:

a) interrupt dispatching,

b) fixed priority scheduling,

c) mutual-exclusion semaphores, and

d) a queuing mechanism.

In-system programming tools:

1º The PPCMB/850 comes with an “embedded loader” that uses the serial port for software loading, with a fail-safe procedure.

2º The PPCMB/850 can itself be used as a DBM adapter that comes with its free software.

Flash file system alternative:

The FlashCnL library is a simple and robust solution for system configuration storage and service history (log) recording.

Software development console monitor support:

The lab-comm utility gives a console access to the ABCD Proto-Kernel™-based application with simple monitor commands; ad-hoc commands are easy to add for configuration, test, troubleshooting, ...

Developer productivity features:

E.g. the MPC8xx clock configuration utility that facilitates the determination of frequency division parameters, baud rate tables, and other timing-related configuration items for the microprocessor system.

Integrated solution:

No need to search any further, you found it here!


Starting at $ 349.00 (US currency)

Purchase Items

The PPCMB/850 plus ABCD Proto-Kernel™ Starter Kit

This starter kit gives you the hardware you need in order to start using the PPCMB/850. Installation requirements are an Ix86 Linux personal computer and an Internet access to download the software from the CONNOTECH web site. Ideal for starting a project on serious microprocessor, with a limited budget.

   The kit includes:

950-0001-xx PPCMB/850 PCB Assembly

950-0003-01 PPCBM/850 minimal host circuit

122-0003-01 Wall-mount transformer, 12VDC, .2 A, unregulated

615-0001-01 DB9 cable, direct

   Limited-time offer at $ 349.00 (US currency)

Custom ABCD Proto-Kernel™ Distributions

The enhanced project support, including the distribution of a more comprehensive source code set, development kit installation support, and three hours of pre-paid developer support.

The PPCMB/850 BDM Kit

This kit is almost identical to the starter kit: the 950-0003-01 minimal host circuit prototyping area is populated with the required components for the PPCMB/850 use as a BDM interface adapter. With the appropriate software loaded in the PPCMB/850, this hardware kit initializes another PPCMB/850 through its BDM port.

   The kit includes:

950-0001-xx PPCMB/850 PCB Assembly

950-0003-01 PPCBM/850 minimal host circuit

961-0002-01 modification to turn a minimal host circuit into a BDM adapter

122-0003-01 Wall-mount transformer, 12VDC, .2 A, unregulated

615-0001-01 DB9 cable, direct

616-0003-01 BDM Cable 9 in.

   Limited-time offer at $ 399.00 (US currency)

Separate PPCMB/850 PCB Unit

Separate PPCMB/850 PCB units can be purchased in various configurations, mainly based on the MPC850 processor variant.

   Limited-time offer starting at $ 279.00 (US currency)

950-0001-01 PPCMB/850 PCB Assembly MPC850de 10MHz950-0001-06 PPCMB/850 PCB Assembly MPC850de 8MHz950-0001-04 PPCMB/850 PCB Assembly MPC850de 7.3728MHz950-0001-09 PPCMB/850 PCB Assembly MPC850de 4MHz

950-0001-05 PPCMB/850 PCB Assembly MPC850dsl 10MHz950-0001-08 PPCMB/850 PCB Assembly MPC850dsl 7.3728MHz

950-0001-07 PPCMB/850 PCB Assembly MPC850sr 7.3728MHz950-0001-03 PPCMB/850 PCB Assembly MPC850sr 4MHz

950-0001-02 PPCMB/850 PCB Assembly MPC823e 7.3728MHz

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