A Few Documents about Free Software Licensing

We refer the novice reader to the Free Software Foundation on the general issues of GPL-style free software licensing.

In our field of activity, the embedded systems software development, the FSF model licenses (the GPL and the LGPL) fails to provide the permission to develop and distribute a proprietary application based on a free (GPL-licensed) kernel or operating system, unless there are a clearly defined (in a technical sense) interface between the application and kernel. For small kernels (deeply embedded systems), such an interface is usually not provided. Moreover, the operational requirements of many embedded systems makes them ill-suited for field upgrade of software by the end-user.

This specific issue is discussed in the following documents, along with general issues of free software licensing, and the “license engineering” activity that is sometimes required in a software development project.


  ●         an Overview of “GNU Licensing Soup” Applied to the ABCD Proto-Kernel Software™,


  ●         a Free Software Licensing, a Draft White Paper by CONNOTECH Experts-conseils inc. (.PDF document).

We distribute most of the ABCD Proto-Kernel™ source code with the following license:


  ●         the GNU LGPL (Lesser General Public License) with a Waiver on the Opportunity to Relink.

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